When Is It Time to Call an HVAC Contractor in Utica, NY?

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Air conditioners and furnaces can be tough to fix and maintain if you don’t know what you’re doing, so having a company to call for all your heating and air conditioning needs is a must if you own a home. But do you know when it’s time to give those folks a call? It may be sooner than you think! The longer you wait to correct an issue, the more expensive the repair may be. Continue reading to learn more about when it’s the right time to give your friendly HVAC contractor in Utica, NY a call:

  • High energy bill: Nobody likes getting the mail and finding a bunch of bills—and people really don’t like it if their energy bill is unexpectedly high. You can count on having a higher-than-usual bill in the middle of summer and winter when you’re always running your AC and furnace. But if you’ve barely been using those appliances and the bill is still more expensive than normal, you may have a problem with your HVAC system. When furnaces and air conditioners start to malfunction, they usually suck up more power than they’re supposed to. Give one of our professionals a call right away to correct any issues and get your bill back to what it should be.
  • Strange sounds or smells: Another telltale sign that your AC or furnace is about to bite the dust is weird noises or smells coming from the unit. Newer units should be relatively quiet while they’re running, and shouldn’t make any noticeable noises when they turn on and off. A failing unit will most likely make a clunking noise when it first turns on, and then may hum or buzz loudly while it’s running. You may also smell something burning while your unit is running. If that’s the case, give your HVAC contractor a call at once to diagnose and correct the issue.
  • Declining performance: Heating and cooling units typically don’t go kaput without first showing a decline in their performance. A failing unit may not heat or cool the house as well as it used to, or may take longer to cool or heat your home. If that’s the case, give us a call before you have a total system breakdown. The sooner we catch the issue, the cheaper the repair is likely to be.
  • Maintenance: The best way to avoid all of the issues listed above is to give an HVAC contractor in Utica, NY a call at least twice a year to make a maintenance visit to your home. In the spring, the professional will clean and tune up your air conditioner to ensure it lasts all summer long without needing to be repaired. In the fall, the very same technician can perform the same tasks for your furnace. If the contractor notices anything wrong with either unit, he’ll be able to correct the issue before it’s the middle of the season and you’re left without heat or AC!

If you’ve noticed any of these issues, or if it’s been a while since an HVAC contractor in Utica, NY has made a maintenance visit to your home, give MJM Plumbing and Heating a call. We’re available around the clock to repair your AC or furnace.

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