Three Benefits of Installing a Well Pump at Your Home

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Folks who live outside of city limits are well aware of the benefits of installing a well pump. After all, that’s their only option if they want running water in their homes! But did you know that city-dwellers can also install a well pump at their home in lieu of drinking city water? It’s true, and installing a well pump is becoming more popular each year. Here are a few of the reasons why many plumbing services in Utica, NY recommend installing a well pump:

  • There are no monthly bills: One of the top reasons people choose to install a well pump is to save money. While city water is fairly inexpensive compared to many other monthly bills you pay, water from a well pump is free. If you ask us, free water is the best type of water. Your only cost for a well pump is its initial installation, and any upkeep that it may require throughout its lifespan.
  • You’ll always have water: Water mains don’t break too often—however, it’s a major inconvenience for people with city water when they do. Folks can go days without water if the broken main is bad enough. People that choose to install a water well will never have to worry about that catastrophe impacting them. Unless something malfunctions with your well pump, you basically have an unlimited supply of water when you call plumbing services in Utica, NY to install a well pump. Additionally, city utility authorities have to flush the water system every now and then. This process doesn’t take long, but during these flushes, people usually aren’t supposed to wash their clothes or dishes. Well water never needs to be flushed, so you’ll never have to wait to do your chores.
  • Well water is cleaner: The city utility company is in charge of cleaning your water. So, in theory, city water should always be 100 percent pure. But is it? It’s hard to know unless you have a water testing kit at home. Folks with city water have to take the city’s word for it that water is safe to drink. On the other hand, people with a well pump never have to worry about something going awry and the city water becoming contaminated. As long as your property is uncontaminated, you can trust that your well water is clean. It’s important to note that plumbing services in Utica, NY advise all well pump owners to test the quality of their water on a regular basis. The local authorities take care of water testing for city water, but that’s obviously not the case for water you get on your own. Luckily, many plumbing services are able to perform tests on your water if you don’t want to.

To learn more about well pumps, or to schedule installation at your home, give MJM Plumbing & Heating a call today. We’re also available 24 hours a day to handle any emergencies that arise with the plumbing in your home—regardless of whether or not you have a well pump!

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