Five Tips for Finding an Emergency Plumber in Utica, NY

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When you have a plumbing problem in your home or business, you obviously want to call an emergency plumber in Utica, NY as quickly as you can. But that doesn’t mean you should just call the first plumber you find in the phone book, or the first plumber that pops up in your Google search results. There’s no guarantee that those guys are reputable professionals who will be able to fix the problem quickly and charge you a fair rate for their services. Keep reading to learn more about finding the right pros to fix your plumbing emergency:

  • Availability: When you need a plumber to address an emergency in your home, you need him or her there as quickly as possible! The longer an emergency goes unaddressed, the more extensive the damages will be, especially if it’s a leak. So, your first step in choosing an emergency plumber is calling a company that’s available around the clock. At MJM Plumbing and Heating, our plumbers are on call 24/7, 365 days a year to quickly fix any issue that arises. In addition to calling a plumber that’s on the clock, you want to make sure you’re calling someone who will be able to make it to the site in a timely manner. Our office is centrally located, so you can trust that we’ll arrive quickly, regardless of the time of day or night.
  • Experience: After you’ve determined that a plumber is available to arrive at your home to repair a problem quickly, you’ll want to make sure they know what they’re doing. Anyone can pretend to know how to stop a leak or repair a pipe, but you want to hire a professional with years of experience working in emergency situations. Only hire an emergency plumber in Utica, NY if they can prove that they’re licensed and have experience performing the type of work you need to have completed. You’d be surprised how quickly an inexperienced plumber can make a bad situation even worse. At MJM Plumbing and Heating, we have decades of experience in the industry, so you can trust we’ll repair your issue correctly the first time.
  • Reputable: Whether it’s for overcharging customers or underperforming, there are plenty of plumbing companies out there that have bad reputations. Do a quick search regarding a plumber’s reputation before you agree to have them work at your home.
  • Insured: Before you hire anyone to work at your home, you want to make sure they’re insured. If you hire an uninsured contractor to do plumbing work in your home, you’ll likely find yourself on the hook for any accidental damage they cause. This goes along with the previous point, too—any reputable company carries insurance.
  • Warranty: Ask if the plumber offers a warranty on his work. The last thing you want is to have something repaired, only to have it break again in a few months! A reputable, experienced plumber will most likely offer a warranty on any emergency work he performs at your house.

Hopefully you’ll never need the help of an emergency plumber in Utica, NY, but if you do, give MJM Plumbing and Heating a call! Our professionals will arrive quickly to repair any aspect of your plumbing.

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